The Best Renaissance Faire…..EVER

By: E.J. Bowman

Have you ever wanted to be a prince or a princess?  How about a court jester?  Or even a wench?

The year is 1525….take a trip back in time and visit the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

My first encounter was with a gentleman who looked like a pirate that was very miserable.  He said “yes, pity me.”  I asked what was wrong and he replied that he had a terrible pain in his head and needed to the wizard to help him but he couldn’t’t find him.  I assured him if I saw the wizard, I would send him to help.

As you enter the faire, you see all types of games to participate in such as; axe throwing and knife throwing, fish pond and even an amazing maze!  Be sure to look at your ‘Henrician Herald’and the show schedule to plan your day at the Sire of Mt Hope.  The festivities start at 11:30 with the welcoming of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon and continue until 6 PM with the ultimate joust.

There are many, many shops selling all kinds of things from that era.  You can find corset, pirate hats and princess hats, fairies and dragons and swords!  (you must be over 18 to fondle and touch the swords.)

I saw:

  • The King and Queen
  • The Court Jester
  • The town cryer
  • Pirates
  • Fairies
  • Many, many wenches and peasants
  • Knights
  • Princesses

But no wizard!  So sorry!!

Do visit the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  It will be a full day of fun so wear your comfortable shoes.

Stay with us, we are only 25-30 minutes away!