Sunday in the Park

By: E.J. Bowman

On Sunday June 8, my son, his friend and I decided to venture to Long’s Park to check out their summer concert series. I had never been to Long’s Park, much less to one of their concerfts. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the park was so much more!

As we pulled into our parking space, I noticed a fountain shooting up in the middle of a man made lake. There was a walking path around the lake with ducks on the edge of the water and swimming in the middle of it. On our journey around the lake, we saw a fish that had to be 10ft(exaggeration J) maybe 24”, but really looked big to me! Many, many families enjoying the beautiful weather, throwing frisbee, cooking out on the grills provided, or just strolling through the area holding hands.

As we walked the rest of the park, I counted at least 3 pavillions, 3 or 4 areas with swings, a play area with a wooden maze, and a petting zoo. The zoo was closed, but there were goats and donkeys munching on the grass.  I believe the goat thought that it is always greener on the other side of the fence!

About that time, we heard some music in the air, so we made our way over to the bandstand. The stage is at the bottom of a hill which makes the sightline pretty good regardless of where you sit. The band was warming up because the free concert didn’t start for about 1 hour, but the lawn was beginning to fill up. Along the side of the stage there were some food trucks (one had ice cream, so of course that is what I had), giving you everything needed for a relaxing, music filled evening.

If you really like music, plan to spend your Sunday at Long’s Park. You can picnic and play with the kids, and then spread your blanket, lean back and let the music soothe your soul!

Click here to see Long’s Park summer schedule.

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Lancaster County sure does have something for everyone!

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