Semi-foodie traveling in Lancaster County!

By: E.J. Bowman

Here we are….I simply can’t believe that a whole 2 months have gone by since our last excursion to seek out the perfect appetizer in the area!  I really need to get better at this!

For our second place to rate, we decided to head on over to Manheim.  There is a brewpub there about 15 minutes from the EJ Bowman House called ‘JoBoy’s’. It’s just a small place, you may miss it if you blink.  Look for this sign along Main St in Manheim.

Parking is in the rear and you will walk between 2 buildings to get to the front..a little close with buildings on both sides but you really do not want to miss this place.

JoBoy’s specializes in authentic southern BBQ and handcrafted beer.  The owners are Jeffrey Boy Harless and Maria Jo Harless. If you are interested in the story of where the name came from (Hint…look at their middle names…)and the history of the stick figure log visit their website JoBoy’s.  It is a very cute,sweet story!

As we walked in we were greeted by a lovely young lady named Se-Ara.

There is a bar area with tables and a separate dining area.  We choose to sit in the bar area.  Again, the place is small but very cozy. Se-Ara bought us menus and asked what we would like to drink.  My friend Karen always asks our servers what would be close to New Castle brown ale.  Sandy Ass ale was recommended to her.  I normally prefer a darker brew so I ordered the porter.  Then we concentrated on the ‘starters’.  There were about 9 items on the list, the first being ‘Atomic Buffalo Turds’.  Now there is no way I am eating turds of any kind (they really are stuffed smoked jalapenos)so we kept looking.  Karen picked ‘Smoked Hawg Wings’ (Succulent pork bunched up on a shank to look like a chicken wing) and I chose ‘Smoked Cabbage’ (smoked cabbage smothered in bbq sauce and bits of bacon) and boy, were we happy with them!

The Hawg wing looked like a chicken wing, didn’t taste like chicken and the meat was so tender and bbq sauce was delicious!

The smoked cabbage was like nothing I had ever had before.  It was so tasty and the combination of bacon, cabbage and bbq sauce was perfect!  I took some home to my husband and he agreed.  We need to go back for more.  (As an aside, we did visit again and tried their pulled pork-it was out of this world!)

As you can see, we totally enjoyed JoBoy’s and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys BBQ and Beer!  Both are great!

Beer…..5 mugs

Food ….5+ mugs