Semi-foodie traveling in Lancaster County!

By: E.J. Bowman

There are so many wonderful eateries in Lancaster County and food is one of my passions in life.  I do believe I have become a ‘semi-foodie’!  I don’t qualify as a ‘real foodie’ because my food doesn’t need to be gourmet or perfectly presented, just good and tasty in my book!  My friend and I have decided we will explore Lancaster County restaurants near the E.J. Bowman House and rate our experiences as we go to report to our loyal blog followers.  Since we are not  “real” foodies, we will use mugs as our rating system…, 1-5 with 5 mugs being excellent!  After all, we do enjoy a good beer now and again; but if you don’t, root beer mugs work just as well!  Since we only get together about once a month, and we always do lunch, we thought we’d start with rating appetizers.  So our quest for the 5 mug appetizer begins!!

Our first stop was Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC).  ABC has 6 locations, Harrisburg, Gettysburg and Lititz among them. We ventured into the Lititz, PA location for lunch as this is the closest location to our Bed and Breakfast -This brewpub is located at Lititz Junction, which at one time was a paper-box factory (interesting because my husband has been in the paper-box business for years!).  Also Clair Brothers, the renowned sound, lighting, and staging company, used this location at some point in the past.

After we were seated in ABC, our server, Eric, welcomed us and gave us advice on which brews we should try to suit our tastes.

Eric was very knowledgeable and helpful with his advice.  Servers really need to be versed in the brews because ABC changes the beers on tap all the time to keep their customers coming back for more.  I normally go for a stout and my friend likes brown ale, so we each ordered what we liked.

Next we decided on our food.  We are always looking to try something different, so we chose ‘Classic Canadian Poutine (poo-tin)’as our appetizer.  And what an appetizer it was!  Poutine is basically french fries with gravy and cheese curds.  ABC uses cheddar cheese curds and Irish whiskey gravy to make their poutine.  It was delicious!


Beer – 5 mugs

Poutine- 4 ½ mugs

*Above rating is the opinion of the author, not EJ Bowman House B&B

As you can see from the photo,we definitely would return to this brewpub, not only for the food and drink but also for the waitstaff!  Eric, you were great!  Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!