One reason to be called the ‘Coolest Small Town in America’

By: E.J. Bowman

Even before Lititz was voted the ‘coolest small town in America,’ I thought the town was very special! As you walk along the sidewalk, either just going for an afternoon stroll or participating in the many activities available (like chocolate walk or the Zombie run), you feel as though you took a step back in time.  Everyone is friendly and ready to greet you with a smile.

One of my favorite stores in Lititz is ‘Olio- Olive oils and Balsamic’.  This is a family owned business and talk about friendly!  Whether Joe, Judy or Pete is there you will feel right at home.

Everyone is greeted as they walk in the door.  A short explanation is given to newbies and the old timers are always shown the new flavors.  They have about 60 different flavors of olive oil and balsamic, and the absolute best part is you can taste as you go!  There are fustis with little sample cups that you can use to sip.  The flavors range from sweet (chocolate marshmallow balsamic) to savory (roasted chili infused olive oil).  I really appreciate the balsamic and the oils, and have about 15 different varieties that I use for cooking.  The rosemary infused olive oil adds a wonderful flavor to our locally grown potatoes we sometimes serve at breakfast.  The strawberry balsamic intensifies the flavor of local strawberries and waffles as well as the homemade whipped cream we serve on top of those delicious waffles!  I almost feel like a gourmet chef!

Anyone could make their cooking special by using Olio’s products.  Pete, Judy and Joe will suggest uses and they always have recipes on their counter for you to take and try at home.  Visiting Olio olive oil and balsamic makes a trip to Lititz worth it.  And EJ Bowman House Bed and Breakfast is just minutes away—we have room for you in beautiful Lancaster County!