Front of E.J. Bowman House

Mud on Your Boots

By: E.J. Bowman

Spring has finally arrived here at the E.J. Bowman House Bed & Breakfast and we couldn’t be happier. As the ice melts and the buds begin to bloom, local Lancaster County fire companies gather their volunteer fire fighters and set up for their annual mud sales.

The name “mud sales” was coined because the sales are held during the winter thaw when melting snow makes the sales grounds soft and muddy. That mud that would gather on patrons boots as they sloshed from one sale to another.

These sales are held both indoors and out, and encourage eager buyers to participate in auctions and place their bids for finely crafted furniture, consignment items, as well as hand-made crafts, quilts, building equipment, tools, and many other unique finds.

This spring tradition began back in the 1960’s as a way for local volunteer based fire companies to raise the funds necessary to purchase and update their equipment and necessary supplies.

Located in the heart of Amish Country, our bed & breakfast offers guests easy access to many of the local mud sales. We will gladly recommend some of our favorite stops and can also suggest great lunch places to refuel during your adventure.

Enjoy the warmer days and a weekend in Lancaster County exploring all the great finds that this year’s mud sales have to offer, and don’t forget to pack your boots!