Local Universities in Lancaster County

By: E.J. Bowman

I was thinking about all that Lancaster County has to offer the other day, and a lot of times one forgets all of the fine colleges and universities in the area. Within 10 minutes of the E J Bowman House are F & M University, Lancaster Bible College, and the Lancaster School of the Arts. Another 20 minutes down the road is Millersville University, and 25 minutes away is Elizabethtown College.

F&M University has a beautiful urban campus, situated close to many fine restaurants, and shoppinglocated in Lancaster County. We have had many guests that were visiting with their child from around the U.S. and also foreign countries. It’s made me think how, for a lot of people, those short weekend visits not only are a welcoming respite for the student from studies, but also they let the parents know that everything is ok and they’ve done their job.

And what better place could you find then Lancaster County to relax and visit? You certainly don’t need a reason to, but the way Diane and I always looked at it when our children were in college, was that it was a nice short getaway for us not only to stay somewhere and dine out, but also to have that time as your child grows up where you get to witness their decisions that will make a lasting impact on their lives.

We have tried to offer something to make visiting your child a little more affordable in the form of a package that we hope, in some small way will make your time while your student is in school, a little more meaningful.