Local Farmers Market

By: E.J. Bowman

As relatively new residents in Lancaster County we are still discovering new and interesting things to do.  From wandering around the beautiful Amish countryside to shopping in the many shops in the area we are really enjoying our new home.

One of our favorite places to go is Roots Farmer’s market, and although only open on Tuesday’s, it is a must if you’re visiting Lancaster County and happen to be here on that day.  You can start out walking through the flea market area, where, as they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! From there you go on to the indoor and outdoor vendor stands, full of fruits and vegetables, meats, candies, baked goods, homemade chips,  flowers, homemade root beer and lemonade, canned & jarred goods, and our favorite, whoopie pies (which Lancaster County is famous for). Our favorite stand for this, and which we have in our kitchenette on Wednesday’s, are Miriam’s Pies where you will find a variety of flavors and sizes to suit your taste.

Along with the above mentioned food items, you will also find a variety of soaps, linens, dog treats, and a multitude of other products to keep you mesmerized for some time. If you get tired of the market area, you can now walk off to the auctions, where you might find produce, small animal, or plants to bid on.

With the saying buy fresh, buy local, today’s peach purchase will be the subject of our next blog, which will be the 1st of many recipes to follow in the months ahead.

Of course summertime and fall are the best times to go, but it is open year round, and something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.