Front of E.J. Bowman House

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

By: E.J. Bowman

Thanksgiving…………a time to be thankful for all good things in life, but where do we start?

  1. Our Supreme Being, everyone has one in some form or another, and who are we to judge if ours is right or not?
  2. Family, no way that you will get through life without a support group either immediate or extended
  3. Friends, again you need their support and friendship to make days more bearable
  4. Work, in these hard times just to have a job is a blessing
  5. Our guests, who become our friends when they stay with us, and we always hope will return someday
  6. Our future guests, that find us because of our past guests reviews and referrals of which we are most thankful

We could probably go on and on, but the further down the list you go from here, the more trivial they become, so we’ll stop here!

Happy Thanksgiving!